Day 23 of our 180 day trip and we find ourselves retreating from the mayhem of tuk tuk filled cities and have happily found a bit of tranquility in Hoi An, a beautiful costal town in central Vietnam.

Once just a simple fishing village, Hoi An found itself firmly on the tourist trail once it became a World Heritage Site in the 1980s thanks to its well preserved ancient trading  port.

Despite this tourism boom that followed, the benefits haven’t reached everyone –  as we saw with the organistion we supported in Cambodia too – and there are still many families living just a few km outside of hotel-filled central Hoi An who live on less than $3 per day. That’s where Children’s Hope in Action, or CHIA for short, comes in.

Set up by an Australian woman 9 years ago, CHIA has many strings to its bow: with its main programmes focusing on keeping children in public education; funding medical proceedures; building safe houses and sanitation for vulnerable families and caring for and reahbilitating children with disabilities.

Alvaro and I had the pleasure of spending the morning at their main centre where they look after children with various disabilities. We really enjoyed chatting to the staff and volunteers and, of course,  the lovely kids who seemed pretty happy to hang out with a couple of foreigners.

This centre really is a life line, not only because the physio- and occupational therapists  give the children an opportunity to overcome some of their physical challenges, but also because the kids are so well looked after all day from Monday to Friday, that both parents are free to work – something that is usually impossible.

Every year, CHIA needs to raise approximately $150,000 USD to keep this centre, and all of its different projects operating, and whilst its a small gesture, we have put $100 of your generous donations to this project – THANK YOU! :)

The children really made our day and we’d love to be able to support them even more. If you’d like to help further, please find out more here.

Have you got a holiday lined up and fancy spending some time at a local charity?  Get in touch and we´ll find you a project that needs you!