We´ve so far visted 7 different charities all working for all kinds of different causes: health, education, housing to name but a few, but by the time we arrived in Buenos Aires at the start of April,  we were really keen to find a microfinance organisation helping people with limited income to become entrepreneurs and start their own businesses.

After all our experiences this last 5 months, we think that microfinance loans and training to budding entrepreneurs this is one of the best ways to support those who have not been lucky enough to go through the traditional route of higher education, or who simply find themselves without a job but that have passion and ambition to make things happen for themselves.

Luckily, thanks to all the people we met in Salta, we we able to meet up with  a great organisation in Buenos Aires last week called Fundacion Impulsar. This organisation’s mission is to support young entrepreneurs with business training and mentoring. Their programmes are open to everyone between the ages of 18 – 35 who want to start their first company but don’t have the resources or know-how to do so.

The visit to Fundación Impulsar started in their HQ in Buenos Aires city centre where their managing director, Gustavo, told us a bit more about this great organisation. They receive funds from private companies that want to promote entrepreneurship in local areas. One of them, Shell Argentina, which is based on the outskirts of the capital, is funding different projects to improve the quality of lives of the people in the area.

After our chat, Natalia Implusar´s Communications Officer, took us to meet one of the entrepreneurs, Raquel, who has started a small hairdressers. We tested out her skills and can safely say she’s brilliant at her job!

Raquel, alonside her husband Samuel began their journey offering haircuts for the equivalent of 25 pence 4 yeras ago. Today they not only have financial support and training to grow their business, but they have have famous Argentinians on their books too.


Raquel’s ambition and passion as well as her hard work is admirable. Raquel and Samuel don’t just do haircuts, they also keep attending hairdresser training as well as competitions where Raquel has already won several awards.

Fundacion Implusar is providing Raquel and Samuel with a loan so they can expand their business and employ more people locally, as well as offering them support with their accounting. They will also benefit from a local mentor for a year to keep pushing them to suceed and grow their business.

We spent a lovely afternoon with Raquel and Samuel and we are very happy to donate £75 of your donations; a small gesture to support entrepreneurship in Argentina.

You can support a budding entrepreneur in Argentina here or find out more about other organisations like this one who are supported globally by Youth Business International.