The second of the two charity visits we made in Salta earlier this month was to a centre dedicated to supporting children who are either disabled or have learning difficulties.
The centre is run by an amazing bunch of volunteer specialists – psychologists, physiotherapists, speech therapists, teachers etc – and headed up by the dedicated Marguarita – a fellow English woman who has dedicated her life to improving the lives of children in Argentina, a wonderful achievement for which she was rightly recongnised by the Argentina government just last month.


Marguarita and her team have been working for the last five years to support families in the Barrio de Solidaridad, just outside of Salta who do not have the resources to get help for their children. Families are actively encouraged to join their children in sessions to better understand their child´s needs and to get the best out of their care at the centre.


The team are currently caring for 35 children – the maximum they can handle in the space currently available – are of whom are between the ages of 4-14 and there´s a long waiting list of other children who need assistance.
That´s why Marguarita and co. are looking to expand into the land next door. (We had planned on showing a photo, but a scary looking dog put us off!). They´ve so far raised enough money nto buy the land, and are now looking for funding to start construction of more facilities. With this in mind we encourage more people to support this wonderful cause. Thanks to you we´re we happy to support them with £75 from your donations. Thank you! 

Check them out here (Spanish only)

Donations can be made into a UK or Argentine bank account, get in touch for details!

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