So here it is…

In November this year, we are jetting off on a trip of a lifetime: travelling the world for 180 days. Whilst we’re swanning around the world, we also want to raise a few smiles – or 180 to be precise – one for each day of we’re away.  So, between now and November we are  fundraising for 2 fantastic international charities: Smile Train and Age International, as well as for the national Peruvian charity, Help Them Hope. All 3 organisations carry out vital work in some of the poorest countries in the world.  We will be visiting these organisations’ projects en route  to see their work in action and where the money people have donated has gone. We will also use 20% of the donations to support worthy local community organisations we come across on our journey.

Why are we doing this?

We know how lucky we are. We live in a rich country and are fortunate enough to be able to afford a once-in-a-lifetime trip (with a lot of advanced savings, obviously!) Because we already know we are going to be visiting places where people live in poverty, we feel we can’t just swan in, take some nice photos and carry on our merry way. We want to leave a positive footprint, showing that travelling can be even more rewarding than it already is.

How are we doing?

So since last summer we’ve been working out ways for the world to hear about our plans, spread the word and feel convinced to part with their hard earned cash. In September Rob walked all the way to work and back for a week in London (what a legend!) giving us the money he saved on the tube. In October we went all entrepreneurial (think ‘The Apprentice’) and bought some Spanish glass bottles which we’ve turned into Reed Diffusers. These are selling nicely on our ESTY shop and in person for a £5 donation. In November, Laura held a cake sale for us, and we even made some promotional badges which can be yours (lucky you!) for a small donation of your choice.

What’s next?

So the wheels are in motion, and we need to turn the respectable £320 we raised so far, into our goal of £5,000 by November. So expect only the best fundraising shenanigans to come, there is the big TENTEN challenge (running ten 10ks between now and October. Sign up to keep us company on any or all of the months listed!) If running’s not your bag, why not jump out of a plane for us, shave your head for us, take cakes to work for us, buy one of our gifts,  clear your crap with a charity  car boot sale, give up booze for a week and donate what you saved or, if all that sounds exhausting, just donate whatever you can afford. And if you are getting active, let us know and we’ll do it  too.. Just keep the Smiles a-comin’! We can’t do this without you!

Thanks to all the smiley faces (and feet?!) below who’ve already supported us! You’re bloody brilliant! :-)

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